November, 28th 2017
Studio news
Alexander Braun and Manfred Thomaser have begun composing songs for a new !distain album.

October, 27th 2017
Elektrostaub feat. !distain
On November, 17th 2017 echozone will release Elektrostaub's digital debut album "Birthday and Death" which contains five songs feat. !distain. Here is the tracklist:
1. Anxiety (Prolog)
2. Unforgotten (feat. Henrik Iversen)
3. Funeral of Love (feat. Ruined Conflict)
4. Also without You (feat. Anne Goldacker)
5. 2806 (feat. !distain & Seyhan)
6. Publikumsmagnet (feat. Roberto Lindner)
7. Dunkle Zeit (feat. !distain)
8. Sun of Sin (feat. The Eternal Afflict)
9. Where in this World (feat. !distain)
10. Birthday and Death (feat. !distain)
11. Prediction (feat. Henrik Iversen)
12. Mein Weg (feat. !distain)
13. Relikt (feat. datasushi)

July, 21st 2017
Brand new !distain remix
Today echozone released Elektrostaub's debut single "Unforgotten (feat. Henrik Iversen)". Among others the single contains a brand new !distain remix. HERE is the single in complete length. You can by the single at Amazon for example.