December, 9th 2011
New !distain single "monokultur"
Today echozone release "monokultur" via iTunes und Amazon.
1. monokultur (short remix by silica gel)
2. monokultur (remix by mathias thürk of minerve - mixed by kinskinoize)
3. what do you want from me? (lastrax remix)
4. monokultur (open your mind mix by the talion law)
5. monokultur (restless mix by legacy of music)
6. monokultur (extended mix by silica gel)
7. monokultur (people theatre's edge mix)
8. monokultur (instrumental album version)

November, 25th 2011
New !distain video "monokultur"
Watch the "monokultur" video on youtube.

November, 12th 2011
!distain continue their journey with a new single and a new band member
Rick Prokein is officially announced as a !distain band member. Rick, who is no stranger to the fans, has appeared as keyboardist and percussionist in !distain's live line-up since 2005. In 2010 he contributed the vocals to "Hole In The Moon" and also excels himself as the lead voice of the upcoming !distain single "monokultur", which will be released via echozone as a download-single on all major download-portals in December 9th 2011. The video to the song was filmed during the !distain concert in Cologne in October and will premiere in November 25th 2011 on youtube. Please note the tracklist and the single cover in the discography section of this website.

November, 11th 2011
Live in Neu Isenburg (Frankfurt/Main)
On November, 26th !distain are going to join And One during their "Sextron Tour 2011"at the Hugenottenhalle (Frankfurter Str. 152) in 63263 Neu-Isenburg. Stage time: ten minutes past five pm.

November, 1st 2011
Exklusive Compilation-Track and new Concert-Dates
January, 12th 2012 will see the release of the 2CD "State of the Heart 3 - Ultimate Sounds of VIP Nation", which can be pre-ordered at POPoNAUT. The compilation contains the exclusive emhead remix of the !distain track "Reincarnation".

New Concert-Dates:
April, 21st 2012 Kiev (Sullivan Room / Ukraine)
June, 9th 2012 Eisenhuettenstadt (Synthage Festival / Germany)

October, 14th 2011
Arsine Tibé - the new solo-album has been released
Today the new Arsine Tibé album has been released: "good evening, the mountain said". Arsine Tibé is Manfred Thomaser's solo-project.

You can buy the cd at the !distain fanshop or at Amazon, POPoNAUT and InfraRot.

Download "good evening, the mountain said" at iTunes or Amazon.

Visit soundcloud to listen to two tracks taken from the album. Go to youtube for watching the video-clip of the first single "skyline - deep and dead".

September, 27th 2011
!distain - live in Cologne
On Sunday !distain play a concert at the "Alter Wartesaal" in Cologne. For the very first time the band will perform their forthcoming download-single "monokultur" live in Germany. The new version of "monokultur" has been produced by Silica Gel. Up to this the concert will be filmed.

September, 26th 2011
!distain - Moscow pics
Visit facebook to view some pics from !distain live in Moscow.

September, 16th 2011
!distain - solo-project Arsine Tibé
Today the new Arsine Tibé single "skyline - deep and dead" has been released. You can buy the 5-track-single at Amazon, Musicload and iTunes.Arsine Tibé is Manfred Thomaser's solo-project.

September, 11th 2011
!distain - new single, new remix...
!distain are close to finish their next download single via echozone. "monokultur" has been revisited and produced by Silica Gel. !distain will present the new version of "monokultur" while their Moscow concert (Sep., 24th, 2011) for the very first time. The single will also contain remixes by Legacy Of Music, The Talion Law and Minerve. More info is to follow.

On September, 30th, Minerve release "Repleased". The 2cd contains a !distain remix of "Every Day".On the same day Koerperschall Records release their second volume of the "Koerperschall Compilation". !distain have remixed Diodati's song "Naenie" for this cd.

Conzoom Records have set up a new compilation series called "Rewind". Volume 1 (October, 28th) includes a Gareth Jones remix of "Tears Of Joy".

August, 15th 2011
!distain - Solo-Project Arsine Tibé
October, 14th, 2011 echozone release the brand new Arsine Tibé longplayer "good evening, the mountain said". The album contains guest vocals by Seyhan, Tania Murray and Alex Braun. On September, 16th, 2011 echozone release the download-single "skyline - deep and dead". Arsine Tibé is a solo-Project of Manfred Thomaser. More info HERE.

August, 13th 2011
Here is an overview where you can buy our 2011 releases:

The cd-longplayer "on/off": !distain Shop and echozone, Poponaut, InfraRot, Indietective and Amazon.

"on/off" download: Amazon, iTunes and Musicload.

The download-ep "mein weg": Amazon, iTunes and Musicload.

The download-single "why (bootlicking hypocrites)": Amazon and iTunes.

August, 10th 2011
Channel-East feat. !distain
On October, 28th, Channel-East release their next longplayer "window to earth". Among others the album contains the song "window" feat. !distain.

Juli, 23rd 2011
!distain - live in Cologne
Tickets for the "Depeche Mode Party For The Living" in Cologne can be pre-ordered here.

Juli, 20th 2011
!distain - live in Russia
On September, 24th !distain return to Russia and play a concert at the "Synthember Wave" festival in Moscow ("Tochka Club").

July, 5th 2011
!distain - live in Cologne
October, 2nd, 2011 !distain play a concert at the "Alter Wartesaal" in Cologne (Germany). Tickets : 8,- €
Tickets can be pre-ordered in August. More info is to follow.

July, 3rd 2011
!distain live-tracklist
Here's the tracklist of the songs we played at the "Pitcher" Club in Morbach yesterday:
remote control, soldiers, don’t look back, I beg for you, infinity, promises, conversation overkill, goddess of spring, mein weg, mandragore, love machine, the city, tears of joy, why (bootlicking hypocrites), strange affection & confession.
encores: hole in the moon, sex’n’cross, science can’t be crime, metal rules.

June, 10th 2011
!distain - why (bootlicking hypocrites) - new single
Today echozone has released the new !distain single "why (bootlicking hypocrites)" as an e-release via Amazon and iTunes. You can watch the video-clip on youtube.

You can still buy "on/off" at the !distain Shop or at echozone, Poponaut, InfraRot, Indietective and Amazon.

You can download "on/off" here: Amazon, iTunes und Musicload.

You can download the ep "mein weg" here: Amazon, iTunes und Musicload.

June, 1st 2011
!distain - mein weg (making of)
We have uploaded the making-of-'mein weg'-clip on youtube.

May, 22nd 2011 (News No. 3)
!distain - why (bootlicking hypocrites)
The second single from the sixth !distain studio record "on/off" is "why (bootlicking hypocrites)".
Among the album and the instrumental version "why" contains three remixes by Dirk Laux, Elmodic and The Talion Law. Up to this the exklusive b-side "the white shadow" and the SD remix of "instructed by the devil" will be included, too. "why (bootlicking hypocrites)" is to be released June, 10th, 2011 as an e-release via iTunes and Amazon. On the same day !distain publish the video for "why".

Tracklist: take a look at the discography

May, 22nd 2011 (News No. 2)
!distain - new remix
The new Haberdashery single "The Last One That You Love" is to be released May, 24th. Among others the single contains a !distain remix of the title track. You can buy "The Last One That You Love" at iTunes.

May, 22nd 2011 (News No. 1)
!distain live in Germany
On July, 2nd, 2011 !distain play a "best of" concert at the Pitcher Club in 54497 Morbach (Bahnhofstraße 6). The concert begins around 9 pm.

May, 13th 2011
!distain - new longplayer "on/off" and new video
Today !distain release their 6th studio longplayer "on/off" (echozone). Due to this !distain have published their latest video clip of elektrostaub's version of "mein weg" (feat. !distain) at youtube.

May, 9th 2011
!distain - shop info
On May, 13th, 2011 !distain release their new album "on/off" via echozone. You can buy the cd at the
!distain Shop or at echozone, Poponaut, InfraRot, Indietective and Amazon.

You can download "on/off" here: Amazon, iTunes und Musicload.

You can download the ep "mein weg" here: Amazon, iTunes und Musicload.

!distain - chart info
After entering the GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts)on position 14 last week "mein weg" has reached no. 8.

!distain - exclusive compilation track
The new "Gothic Compilation" (No. 51) includes the exclusive "the talion law because mix" of the !distain song "why (bootlicking hypocrites)".

April, 13th 2011
!distain - new ep "mein weg"
The first single from the forthcoming !distain album "on/off" will be released April, 15th, 2011. "mein weg" contains seven tracks which will be sold via iTunes, Amazon etc.
1. mein weg (album version) / 2. mein weg (elektrostaub feat. !distain) / 3. elements (exclusive b-side)
4. neighbours / 5. mein weg (laux remix) / 6. mandragore (oliver faig remix) / 7. mein weg (instrumental)

The video-clip "mein weg" is online at youtube and myspace.

April,12th 2011
!distain - new remix
Today Mental Discipline have released the new single "Fallen Stars". The digital release contains a !distain remix of the title track.

March, 29th 2011
!distain - fanshop
The first official !distain FanShop has opened the doors. You can already pre-order the new album "on/off". The first 20 orders will receive a special gift.

March, 14th 2011
!distain - mein weg (snippets)
Listen to all seven tracks from the forthcoming "mein weg" ep on youtube.

March, 10th 2011
!distain - mein weg (e-release)
The first single from the forthcoming !distain album "on/off" will be released April, 15th, 2011. "mein weg" contains seven tracks which will be sold via iTunes, Amazon etc.

February, 12th 2011
!distain's forthcoming and sixth studio-longplayer is to be released May, 13th, 2011. The album title is: "on/off". The band's new label partner is echozone. "on/off" has been produced by Remi Janotta (ex-Psyche), with the exception of "mediaeval presence" (Peter Rainman) and the bonus-track (Elektrostaub). The first single ("mein weg") will be released in April 2011 (e-release).

January, 1st 2011
Happy new year
!distain's 6th studio record is close to be finished. Ken Porter has already mastered all tracks for the forthcoming longplayer. But there is still a lot of work to be done. More info is to follow as soon as possible.