August, 24th 2010
Legacy Of Music feat. !distain
Legacy Of Music are going to release their latest album "(co)operation" on October, 20th. The cd contains guest-vocals by Mesh, Leather Strip, !distain and many more.

June, 20th 2010
New Lyronian EP incl. !distain remix
"Hope And Veneration" is the title of Lyronian's forthcoming ten track ep. The cd will be released July, 2nd, and includes six brand new tracks and four remixes. One of the new songs has been remixed by !distain. The first edition of "Hope And Veneration" will be released as a digipack.

June, 8th 2010
!distain remix released
On June, 4th, Dual Density released their new longplayer "Soul Ecstasy". The cd contains the !distain remix of "Undress" as a bonus-track. You can order the album for example at: Amazon, POPoNAUT and InfraRot.

June, 4th 2010
!distain on facebook
!distain have set up an official page on facebook. HERE!

May, 31st 2010
New pics on myspace
The !distain myspace page contains new pics: shooting the video for "Hole In The Moon" and live in Cologne (2009).

May, 20th 2010
Cooperation projects
!distain have finished a remix for Lyronian's forthcoming album. Up to this Alexander Braun and Manfred Thomaser recorded guest-vocals for a new track written by someone else ....More info is to follow.

April, 2nd 2010
New "Hole In The Moon" remix
After the release of the DAC-top-5-album "Anthology 1992-2010" !distain have uploaded a previously unreleased track on myspace. This song is Deak Ferance's remix of "Hole In The Moon" (feat. Sonictune / Elephant & Castle).

March, 27th 2010
New !distain remix
Alexander Braun has remixed a song composed by the swedish band Dual Density. The !distain version of "Undress" is to be found on the forthcoming Dual Density album "Soul Ecstasy" (release date June, 4th, 2010 via Conzoom Records).

March, 9th 2010
In its third week the 2cd "Anthology 1992-2010" has entered the Top 5 of the DAC (German Alternative Charts) on position 4. The GEWC (German Electronic Webcharts) list the album on position 7 already in its sixth top-ten-week.
If you want to buy the 2cd visit the following pages, please:


!distain Shop (bitte immer Deine eMail Adresse mit angeben)
Amazon, POPoNAUT, INDIEtective, InfraRot, jpc, Out Of Line, Jukebox, ShopBuyOnline und Diskpol.
You can also buy the new !distain longplayer at download shops like the iTunes Store and Amazon.

March, 4th 2010
Chart update
In its second week the 2cd "Anthology 1992-2010" is close to enter the Top 5 of the DAC (German Alternative Charts) and goes from position 9 to 6. The GEWC (German Electronic Webcharts) list the album on position 6 already in its fifth week. CD-review: Reflections of Darkness.

February, 26th 2010
New video-clip "Hole In The Moon"
!distain have shot a video for "Hole In The Moon" taken from their latest DAC top-ten 2cd "Anthology 1992-2010". The video can be seen on youtube and myspace.

February, 25th, 2010
Chart entry
The new !distain longplayer "Anthology 1992-2010" has entered the German Alternative Charts on position 9.

February, 24th 2010
From today on the new !distain longplayer "Anthology 1992-2010" is available at download shops like the iTunes Store and Amazon.

February, 13th 2010
Entering the German Electronic Webcharts
Two weeks ago the new !distain album "Anthology 1992-2010" entered the GEWC (German Electronic Webcharts) on position 3. This week "Confession 2009" has reached the single-track-top-ten on position 4.

February, 5th 2010
New Gallery
The !distain fan-club has set up a new gallery including our song "Dunkle Zeit": watch and listen!

January, 11th 2010
!distain - Anthology 1992-2010 (Deep Symmetry / Rough Trade)
January, 15th, 2010 will see the release of the new !distain 2cd "Anthology 1992-2010".