October, 1st 2008
New !distain video-clip "Mandragore"
Following to the single-cd "Mandragore" !distain have released the video-clip to this track. Conceived and produced by media-artist Nepomuk Nitschke "Mandragore" can be seen on !distain's new video-page on youtube.

September, 27th 2008
Exclusive interview
TheFanForum contains an exclusive !distain Interview in Englisch, Norwegian and German.

September, 24th 2008
!distain - FanForum
Please notice that a new !distain FanForum has been established. We will move to this FanForum soon. This means: the !distain Forum will be closed. Everyone who wants to get all news concerning !distain in the future will have to register at the FanForum. There we will meet again ... The FanForum will contain messages in Englisch, Norwegian and German.

September, 8th 2008
!distain - live in Bratislava
October, 25th will see !distain playing a concert at "Charlie Club" in Bratislava (www.charlieclub.sk).

August, 24th 2008
!distain Fan-Club
The first official !distain fan-club has been established. Feel free to contact our street-team HERE.

August, 11th 2008
A Tribute To Alphaville feat. !distain
August, 23rd will see the release of the cd-single "A Tribute To Alphaville" via the Alphaville fan-club New Horizons (www.alphaville.org).
Chinese Theatre have done all music and mixing and !distain and the singer of Strangel have been singing to the covers: "Sounds Like A Melody" (!distain) and "Universal Daddy" (Strangel).
The cd-single is limited to 100 copies worldwide. You must be a member of New Horizons to order it: www.alphaville.org You can listen to snippets from the single here.
1. Sounds Like A Melody (Chinese Theatre feat !distain)
2. Universal Daddy (Chinese Theatre feat Strangel)
3. Sounds Like A Melody - extended version (Chinese Theatre feat !distain)
4. Universal Daddy - extended version (Chinese Theatre feat Strangel)

June, 16th 2008
!distain - Anthology
Five studio-longplayer and a remix-album later on !distain have started working on an anthology-record. This double-cd is going to concentrate on the years between 1992 and 2008.
The first cd is to contain many songs from the !distain records released so far. Up to this it will contain 3 brand new songs. The second cd features previously unreleased songs done between 1992 und 2008. More info is to follow.

May, 9th 2008
!distain, solo- and side-projects: Shop-Info

The following shops sell !distain's album "Raise The Level" and the single-cd "Mandragore":

!distain Shop (always mention your eMail address, please)
Synthphony Records (USA)
Diskpol (Spain)
If you want to buy songs in a download-shop:

The solo- and side-projectscan be ordered here :
POPoNAUT and INDIEtective.

Arsine Tibé (Synthphony REMIXed: Vol. 8)
POPoNAUT (Europa) / Synthphony Records (USA).

April, 18th 2008
!distain - solo-project (release info)
Synthphony Records continues its legendary series "Synthphony REMIXed!" with Volume 8 by Arsine Tibé, a.k.a. Manfred Thomaser. The member of Germany's electro-pop-band !distain remixed twelve tracks, among them indie-classics by In The Nursery, Das Ich, Catastrophe Ballet, Girls Under Glass and Sara Noxx. Up to this Tibé remixed "Chaotic Brain" a !distain song which has not been released up to now.

"Synthphony REMIXed! Vol. 8" is to be released as a double-cd. The second album contains Arsine Tibé's instrumental-album "Lounge Noire".

More info concerning Arsine Tibé and "Synthphony REMIXed: Volume 8"

April, 15th 2008
Live in Moscow 2008
We have returned from Moscow. Click here to view pics from the concert and the after-show-party.

March, 11th 2008
V.A. / Arsine Tibé - Synthphony REMIXed! Vol. 8
Synthphony Records continues its legendary series "Synthphony REMIXed!" with Volume 8 by Arsine Tibé, a.k.a. Manfred Thomaser. Release date: April, 18th, 2008

March, 3rd 2008
!distain - interviewed by russian magazine
The latest edition of "Rock Oracle" (Russia) contains a !distain interview.

February, 13th 2008
Live in Moscow
April, 12th will see !distain live on stage in Russia: Strangel Club (Moscow).

February, 3rd 2008
All !distain songs can be bought in the internet from now on. Ecki Stieg's "Grenzwellen-Shop" sells the complete backcatalogue. You can buy everything from the "Confession e.p." to the "Mandragore" single-cd HERE.

Become a member of the !distain forum and receive the band's newsletter for free.

January, 25th 2008
Today Synthphony Records release "Mandragore" the new !distain single-cd containing eleven tracks - eight of them have never been released before. "Mandragore" features co-operation-songs with Rotersand and Henrik Iversen.

Up to this the German Alternative Charts (DAC) list "Mandragore" on position 10 this week.

January, 19th 2008
The DAC (German Alternative Charts) list "Mandragore" on position 11 this week.

January, 16th 2008
January, 21st will see the release of Silica Gel's brand new single-cd "Carpe Diem". The record contains a !distain remix of the main track.

January, 10th 2008
The forthcoming !distain single-cd "Mandragore" has entered the DAC (German Alternative Charts) on position 18.