December, 28th 2007
The !distain audio-player on myspace has been updated:
It is including a 4-track-snippet-file from the forthcoming single-cd "Mandragore". The tracks are:
"Mandragore", the FLA (!distain vs Rotersand), the League (feat. Henrik Iversen) and the FLA (ReActivate Mix).

December, 5th 2007
!distain - Raise The Level (Russian Edition)
(Gravitator Records) / release January 2008
Gravitator Records proudly presents the release of the brand new !distain album “Raise The Level” in Russia. The “Russian Edition” contains five bonus tracks. Four of them are part of the “Mandragore e.p.” which has been released as a bonus disc with “Raise The Level” in Germany and USA. One track – Peter Rainman’s Mix of “Recruit My Soul” - is an exclusive song for the “Russian Edition” (

December, 2nd 2007
!distain - Mandragore
(Synthphony Records)
The first single-cd from "Raise The Level" will be released January, 25th, 2008 via Synthphony Records. "Mandragore" contains eleven tracks, inclusive eight previously unreleased songs and remixes.

Tracklist: Mandragore
1. Mandragore (Album Version)
2. the FLA (!distain vs Rotersand)
3. the FLA (ReActivate Mix)
4. Mandragore (Silica Gel Mix)
5. the League (feat. Henrik Iversen)
6. the FLA (Peter Rainman Turned On Mix feat. Rasc of Rotersand)
7. the FLA (Exilanation Mix)
8. the FLA (Sonic Decoy Mix)
9. the FLA (Peter Rainman Original Turned On Mix - Edit Version)
10. Mandragore (Instrumental)
11. White Orange Tree (Instrumental)

November, 2nd 2007
!distain have finished their forthcoming single-cd "Mandragore". Among other tracks the cd contains colaborations with Rotersand and Henrik Iversen. Up to this you will find exclusive tracks and remixes. The release-date will be announced as soon as possible.

October, 17th 2007
You can order the new !distain 2CD "Raise The Level" here:

!distain Shop (do not forget to mention your eMail address)



Diskpol (Spain)

Synthphony Records (USA)

Up to this you can buy the album at several download shops - for example at iTunes and Napster.

INFO: To everyone who has ordered "Raise The Level" at the !distain Shop and did not receive an acknowledgement of receipt: send your eMail Adresse to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., please.

September, 2nd 2007
The online-magazine ELEKTRAUMA has interviewed !distain (sorry, only in german)

August, 25th 2007
September, 1st will see the release of "the first mix" by quantum dub. The cd contains quantum dub's previously unreleased "beyond remix" of "You Mean Everything". More info HERE

August, 15th 2007
You can find pre-listening versions of all our new songs HERE

August, 7th 2007
Here we are back with a snippet-mix presenting five songs from "Raise The Level" included in our audio-player.

Please notice that the sound quality is not the best. Due to the size of the files we had to lower the quality.

1. SynthPopGirl
2. Mandragore
3. Love Machine
4. Inquisition (feat. Sara Noxx)
5. the FLA

July, 3rd 2007
sonictune's debut-album "tales of the night" has been released! You can order it here.

June, 29th 2007
!distain have finished a brand new track called "The League". The song contains a guest-appearance by singer Henrik Iversen (Sonic Decoy / ex-NamNamBulu). Henrik recently finished a remix of !distain's "the FLA" under the name of his new project Sonic Decoy.

May, 30th 2007
"Raise The Level" will be released September, 14th 2007. You can find more info in the Discography.

sonictune's debut-album "tales of the night" is to be released July, 2nd 2007. More info HERE.

April, 10th 2007
!distain - Raise The Level (Synthphony Records)
Synthphony Records is proud to present the release of a brand new !distain album. Germany's famous electro-pop-band has finished all songs for the fifth studio-recording in the history of the band. Three years after the release of "25 frames a second" and one year after "Synthphony REMIXed: !distain" the new album will be titled "Raise The Level".

"Raise The Level" contains eleven brand new tracks by Alexander Braun and Manfred Thomaser. Up to this the album contains a cover-version of "West End Girls" (Pet Shop Boys). "Raise The Level" has been produced by DJ Ram, Ingo Nordloh and !distain.

The first edition will be released as a double cd. The second cd is called "Mandragore e.p." and contains five previously unreleased remixes, the rare "Time Code Mix" of "History Forecast" and four new !distain songs.

"Raise The Level" is to be released in August/September 2007. More info will follow.

March, 11th 2007
If you want to listen to music from !distain please go to

January, 22nd 2007
Here is a list for the January and February releases featuring !distain songs and/or remixes:

Release Date in Germany: January, 5th, 2007
Chinese Theatre - Voices & Machines
(Song "History Forecast" plus 3 remixes of the track)

Release Date in Germany: January, 26th, 2007
Virtual Server - Setup
(Song "Never" / the lim. edition contains one remix of the tack)

Release Date in Germany: February, 9th, 2007
V.A. - elektrisch 2
(!distain remix of "We Are Lovers" - Camouflage)

Release Date in Germany: February, 26th, 2007
Essexx - Bridges
(the lim. edition contains the !distain remix of "Cromatics").

January, 11th 2007
American label A Different Drum is going to release a new album "Setup" by the international project Virtual Server, which is still navigated by DJ Ram. After an impressive collection of collaborative songs on the first album, "Installed", producer DJ Ram is back with a new Virtual Server collection, featuring songs recorded over a period of three years. The album features guests like !distain, Psyche, Iris and Colony 5. Together with !distain Virtual Server did the exclusive track "Never".

More info:

Release date: January, 26th, 2007. You can order your copy here for example:
Germany: Poponaut

January, 5th 2007
Get your free download of Peter Rainman's extended remix of "History Forecast" HERE. This version does not appear on the Chinese Theatre album "Voices & Machines".