December, 30th 2005
!distain will return on stage in 2006. On february 14th and 15th the band is to play during the „Depeche Mode Aftershow Party” in Munich. The party is to take place at the Elserhalle. More information:

November 26th 2005
All remixes for „Synthphony REMIXed: !distain” have been finished. The album is to be released in February 2006. Tracklist and Remix-Teams:

  1. Promises (Dreambox)
  2. Remote Control (Freddy Hajas)
  3. You Mean Everything  (P24)
  4. Infinity (Nonpoptale)
  5. Sincerity (Manfred Thomaser)
  6. Tears Of Joy (Jeff Hsu (Midiripper))
  7. Autumn Leaves (People Theatre)
  8. Dance In Heaven (Elmodic)
  9. Strange Affection (Chinese Theatre)
10. Conversation Overkill (The Eternal Afflict)
11. Confession (Dust Of Basement)
12. I Beg For You (Arsine Tibé)
13. World Of Stone (babyMax)
14. Morning History

„Morning History" is a previously unreleased and more or less instrumental track composed after finishing „25 Frames A Second“.

November 25th 2005
You can buy the cover-version of „Neighbours” (Camouflage) at the Synthphony-Records-Shop now. MP3-Download at:

November 11th 2005
!distain have  remixed a brand new track of Catastrophe Ballet. The original version and the remix of „Consequently“ are part of the limited edition EP „The seed of beauty“. The cd will be exclusively presented by Catastrophe Ballet during the „Goth<O>Mania Tour“ in December 2005. More information:

August, 21st 2005
There is a new link for more information about „REMIXed Vol. 6“. Listen to the songs:

August, 4th 2005
Alexander Braun und Manfred Thomaser are actually working on the release of the band's first remix-album. The longplayer will contain songs from "Confession" to "Autumn Leaves
(25 Frames A Second)". Most of the vocals for this album have been newly recorded. Release: 2006.

July, 27th 2005
At the end of July 2005 Synthphony Records is going to release "REMIXed Vol. 6". DJ Ram has remixed nine songs for this album containing "Designed In Paradise" (!distain). Five bonus-tracks complete the track-list. More information: