January, 14th "Farewell To The Past" reaches #1 at the GEWC.

In July 2018 the single "Birthday and Death (Elektrostaub feat. !distain) peaks at #4 of the GEWC.
August, 31st sees the release of !distain's brand new single "SynthPopBoy".
September, 10th "SynthPopBoy" enters the GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts) at position 2 & the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts) at #9.
October, 5th echozone releases the !distain single "Maid Of Freedom".
October, 8th "SynthPopBoy" peaks at #1 of the DAC.
November, 2nd echozone releases the brand new !distain longplayer "Farewell To The Past". On November, 5th "Maid Of Freedom" enters the GEWC at position 4 (highest position #2). November, 12th "Farewell To The Past" enters the GEWC at position 7. The album also enters the DAC at #7, too.

July, 21st 2017 Elektrostaub releases the debut single "Unforgotten" which contains the !distain remix of the title track. Elektrostaub's debut-album ("Birthday and Death") follows November, 17th 2017 containing five songs feat. !distain.

January, 10th 2016 sees "December" - the fourth single taken from "Rainbow Skies At Night" - on top of the GEWC. On July, 1st ScentAir Records & echozone release the !distain 2cd compilation "The Archive Collection 1992 - 2016".

On February, 20th echozone publish the single "A Million Engines" (#5 DAC / #3 GEWC) which is followed by the album "Rainbow Skies At Night" on May, 18th. The longplayer enters the DAC at #8 and the GEWC at #3 (highest position #2). The third single "Gunfires" becomes another chart hit (#13 DAC / #2 GEWC). July, 24th !distain play a concert to open the "Amphi festival". After four most productive years, Rick Prokein leaves !distain by the end of 2015.

!distain support And One while their Munich concert ("Backstage" / April, 5th) and play a show at the „Wave-Gotik-Treffen“ in Leipzig. November 14th the band returns with the brand new single "Where In This World" (feat. Elektrostaub). It announces the release of the seventh studio-album "Rainbow Skies At Night". "Where In This World" becomes a top ten hit at the DAC (#6) and GEWC (#5).

September 13th !distain start their Special Edition series with „America". Over the forthcoming months, all six studio records and their singles are re-released as digital downloads via echozone. Each re-release contains a bunch of previously unreleased recordings taken from the band’s archive. The years including „25 Frames A Second“ and „Raise The Level“ for instance, give birth to 40 recordings formerly unknown to the public.

"monokultur" enters the GEWC (German Electronic Webcharts) and the DAC (Deutsche Alternative Charts) in the beginning of 2012. The new !distain hit climbs to #5 (GEWC) and #9 (DAC). After their great success with "monokultur" !distain release a special fan edition of "monokultur" via echozone. The new single contains four brand new and exclusive remixes.
On June, 15th echozone release the !distain single “the 6th floor / instructed by the devil”. The double-a-side becomes the next hit-release and enters the DAC (#14) and the GEWC (#7), too.
On September, 14th the band’s first ever live e.p. “live in cologne” sees the light of day. The 4-track-recording provides a first impression of the concert !distain filmed and recorded in October 2011 at the “Alter Wartesaal” in Cologne. The concert film is to be released with the forthcoming dvd “20th anniversary".
November and December 2012 see !distain on tour with And One. After their 2012 concerts in Kiev, Regensburg, Hoyerswerda, Eisenhüttenstadt und Augsburg !distain open And One’s "THE S.T.O.P. FULLTIMESHOW 2012“ in all nine german cities.

!distain's sixth studio-longplayer is to be released May, 13th, 2011. The album title is: "on/off". The band's new label partner is echozone. On April, 15th, !distain release the single "mein weg". This track enters the GEWC (German Electronic Webcharts) soon (highest position #8). The second single is "why (bootlicking hypocrites)" (release date: June, 10th 2011).
In November Rick Prokein is officially announced as a !distain band member. Rick, who is no stranger to the fans, has appeared as keyboardist and percussionist in !distain's live line-up since 2005. In 2010 he contributed the vocals to "Hole In The Moon" and also excels himself as the lead voice of the next !distain single "monokultur" (December 9th 2011).

On January, 15th, !distain release the double-album "Anthology 1992 - 2010". At the end of February the band presents the new video-clip "Hole In The Moon". On March, 11th, the "Anthology" enters the Top 5 of the DAC (German Alternative Charts).

!distain are working on their next release, the 2cd "Anthology 1992 - 2010" and play five concerts in Germany.

Gravitator Records releases "Raise The Level" in January in Russia. The "Russian Edition" contains a previously unreleased remix of "Recruit My Soul". January, 25th sees the release of "Mandragore" - the first single-cd from "Raise The Level". "Mandragore" becomes a top-ten-hit in the the German Alternative Charts (DAC) - highest position 9. Later on !distain play live in Moscow and Bratislava.

the beginning of the year welcomes two new songs featuring !distain: "Never" (Virtual Server - "Setup") and "History Forecast" (Chinese Theatre - "Voices And Machines"). Two !distain remixes appear: Camouflage ("We Are Lovers") and Essexx ("Chromatics").
The new 2cd album "Raise The Level" is released September, 14th.

the new album "Synthphony REMIXed: !distain" is to be released on March, 3rd. The band plays concerts in Munich, Hamburg and Madrid.

!distain play live in Moscow. The band works on the release of the remix-album and on new songs.

in February, !distain are back live on stage; the second single is released, "sex'n'cross". It becomes a no.1 hit in the Sideline charts; the release of the new album "25 frames a second" follows in March.

in February, Oliver Faig and Sebastian von Wyschetzki separate from the band to start a new project, frontman Alexander Braun continues distain! together with Manfred Thomaser as duo. Going back to the musical roots of the band, they develope their unique distain!-style and suprise with a bunch of new modern-retro synth-recordings.
September, 15th, 2003: Release of the Single "america".

in February, singer Alexander Brown and Manfred Thomaser start writing new songs.
in Autumn the first demo-cd arrives at Chrom records. More new songs are recorded, Braun/Thomaser meet with the label in Berlin.

"Homesick Alien" - Tour;
"Tears of Joy" (Remix E.P. 1999 - incl. Remixes by Gareth Jones)

"Homesick Alien" (Longplayer)

"Liquid" - Tour and "Dancing In The Dark"- Festival Berlin

"Liquid" (Longplayer); "Liquid" Album Release Concert at Live Music Hall, Cologne;
AIDS-Benefiz Headliner at the CSD, Gütersloh

"Confession E.P." and "Cement Garden" (Longplayer); "Confession" - Tour

first public appearance: "Pop Albert" Contest Augsburg; first record deal with Chrom Records

Band foundation by Alexander Braun, Oliver Faig and Sebastian von Wyschetzki.